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Inside the 805 Day Spa & Salon

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M-Sat 10am--1pm & 2pm--6pm Closed Sun.




Massage of neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. (20 minute max) Benefits are: muscle relaxation.

$1.00/minute + tax


Full body massage. Benefits are: relaxation, relief of muscle tension, and increased flexibility

$70.00 + tax

Deep tissue

Full body massage, with special attention given to “trouble spots.” Benefits are: relief of chronic tension

$75.00 + tax

Hot stone

Full body massage, with use of hot stones in specific areas. Benefits are: relaxation and relief of muscle tension.

$70.00 + tax

Sliding Cupping

Full body massage, with use of mobile cups that provide suction on “trouble spots.” Benefits are: relief of muscle tension and pain.

$70.00 + tax

90 minute massage: with choice of massage above

$90.00 + tax

30 minute massage: either upper or lower body

$35.00 + tax


Essential oils

An essential oil of choice will be incorporated during massage


Paraffin treatment

A heated wax used to treat joint mobility issues, such as arthritis Choice of application of warm paraffin to either feet, hands, or both prior to or after massage.


Hot towels

1 hot towel complimentary with massage


*All massages 1 hour, unless otherwise noted

*Gift certificates available*

5 Ways A Deep Tissue Massage Can Be Helpful

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years across cultures and is still used in several ways to reduce muscle stress, increase circulation, and heal tissue damage. Nowadays, you will often see people opting for full-body sliding cupping massage or other titles available.  

If we talk about sliding cupping massage, undoubtedly, it has become part of the trend. But why do people prefer these deep-tissue massages? What could be the ways they benefit them? Let’s find out how.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety  

The world is constantly moving faster, often leaving people stressed, anxious, and tired at home and the workplace. But a deep tissue massage can be pretty helpful in relieving stress & anxiety and reducing pain, both physically and mentally. From the first day, these massages can effectively reduce cortisol levels while increasing oxytocin levels to produce soothing effects.

Reduce Muscle Pain  

Chronic pain, muscle injury, excessive workouts, long hours at the office, etc., can be the reason behind muscle pain. But nothing to worry about, as deep-tissue massage can effectively reduce and eliminate muscle soreness and pain. This is one of the reasons why deep tissue massage in Roswell, NM, and many other places is pretty much in demand. After all, it’s all about low-intensity strokes focused on creating firm pressure on deep muscle and fascia levels.

Lower Blood Pressure Levels

Deep tissue massages are known to lower arterial, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure, as their methodologies slowly but steadily smoothen blood circulation. It can easily be felt during the massage and afterward. You will feel fresh, relieved, and productive, as this massage can increase serotonin production in the human body/, leading to a happy state of mind.

Helpful in Arthritis  

Arthritis can be an extremely uncomfortable condition with several symptoms, including stiffness, pain, inconvenience in sleep, limited joint motion, etc. But full-body sliding cupping massagecan reduce these symptoms by reducing muscle tension build-up and increasing the scope for movement.   

Reduces Labor Pain in Childbirth

Childbirth can be a painful experience, forcing women into medication to reduce labor pain, muscle cramps, soreness, and aches. But some studies show that women who received a regular deep-tissue massage before and during labor could control pain more effectively than those on medications. Women opting for such massages don’t need to depend solely on pain-relieving medicines.

Bottom Line

deep tissue massage in Roswell, NM, or elsewhere is an excellent way to ensure positive results for any uncomfortable physical condition. These massage techniques have always been used to address specific physical and mental issues related to muscles. So, if anything mentioned above relates to you in any way, maybe it’s time to try deep tissue massage.

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